Landscapes of my inner Diaspora draws the fissured paths and (land)scapes

between physical and psychological diaspora, portrays the ambiguity and the

wool-gathering of belonging everywhere a little bit, but nowhere completely.

During the inner process of constructing and searching for the Self, one's own identity, the different

parts of personality engage in a dialogue, tensions and conflicts arise 

the inside and the outside, now and then, here and there...


Sometimes this is perceived as an

enrichment, very often though it is perceived as a fragmentation.

Which repercussions does the inner diaspora generate in space, time, matter and psyche?

In the attempt of defining – or creating - one’s own provenience, fantasy and memory intersperse...

Idea - Artistic Direction - Choreography

Rosalie Wanka


Rosalie Wanka & Paola Evelina

Cello - Arrangements - Soundscape

Ana Topalovic

Lighting & Stage Design - Direction of Visuals - Photography & Graphic Design 

Paola Evelina


Giorgio Cordeschi (Italy)

© 2016 by Rosalia

Photo © Manuela Hartel

Graphic © Paola Evelina

"...and those who where seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music..."

F. Nietzsche