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Looking forward to a promising 2021...


After the production ASYMMETRICAL ENCOUNTERS / ENCUENTROS ASIMETRICOS, I am now engaged into postgraduate studies of curation in Performing Arts and studying german Signlanguage - thanks to a scholarship of fondsdarstellendekuenste takecare


Preparing a sitespecific performative installation with my deaf colleague Kassandra Wedel - thanks to the steppingout neustartkultur programm and the Kulturreferat München

Dates in july/august in Munich to be announced


Restaging and reworking DAN_CE_LLO with Ana Topalovic for several digital, live and hybrid formats in collaboration with, choreographic center Bleiburg / LANGE NACHT DES TANZES KÄRNTEN in Villach/AT.


A very special Tangoproject coming up in autumn!

And several small ones on the way!


More details in the CALENDAR

Stay tuned - dates and mews coming soon!

‘Über die Entdeckung einer wilden, liebevollen Welt’

'Sobre el descubrimiento de un mundo salvaje y amoroso'

'Dicovering a wild and tender world'

Süddeutsche Zeitung / Rita Argauer


‘...ein (...) mitreißendes Ereignis, das den Körper als Archiv in Bewegung und das Tanzen als eine Form des Gesprächsangebot begreift.’

'...un evento llevadero, que concibe el cuerpo como archivo en movimiento y el bailar como propuesta de comunicación.'

'...a stirring event, which conceives the body as a moving archive and the dancing as a proposal of communication.'

Münchner Feuilleton  (Nr 105 - 03/21) / Sabine Leucht