The usual story: Boy meets girl. - Really?

From the initial colourful mating dances and courtship displays, where the partners-to-be offer themselves under the best angle (Beautiful Numbers), over seduction scenes and sexual approaches (Besotted in Love) we can follow boy and girl to the actual attempt of matching (Differenzen).

The question if the attempt was successful remains open, but we can see boy and girl trying to rebuild their identity without the mirror of the other, recalling scenes of the relationship and trying to make sense of their actions (Last verses).

Idea - Concept - Artistic Direction

Rosalie Wanka

Choreography - Performance

Rosalie Wanka & Chris Pascal Englund Braun

Composers - Music

Karl F. Gerber - Beautiful Numbers

Laura Konjetzky - Besotted in Love

Christoph Reiserer - Differenzen

Nikolaus Brass - Last Verses

Commissioned Piece for the MGNM - Münchner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik.

Fotos by © Mehmet Vanli and © Susanne Ernst

© 2016 by Rosalia

Photo © Manuela Hartel

Graphic © Paola Evelina

"...and those who where seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music..."

F. Nietzsche