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Manifestation Performance in in german Sign Language 

Developed for the NSU-Tribunal #4


Together with Kassandra Wedel, we got invited by the NSU-Tribunal to develop a mass choreography for the final manifestation of the TRIBUNAL#4 in memoriam of the victims of right-wing terror committed by members of the NSU. We used german sign language to put into movement the claims of victims and relatives. 

Our work was developed in the following formats in close collaboration with the activists of NSU-Tribunal.

Workshop Mani-Fest

How can political dances be created? What do the individual movements in the performance stand for? We will discuss these questions and also dance together.

Practice Mani-Fest

Together we want to take our demands to the streets, out of the theatre, into society -with sign poetry. Based on Latin American resistance struggles, we create a Demonstration Performance. We will use our bodies as mouthpieces and practice the flashmob together with the performance artists Kassandra Wedel and Rosalie Wanka.

Mani-Fest – The Demonstration-Performance

We bring our demands to the streets and squares. We have learned to use our bodies as a mouthpiece and we will take the public space. We will move to places where institutional racism often goes unchallenged and create new spaces of empathy and solidarity with our flash mob.

Mani-Fest is not a one-off intervention, but rather a preview of a better future.

More about NSU Tribunal here:


Concept I Choreographie



Changing Music / DJ Input 

June 2022 NSU Tribunal Nürnberg / DE

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