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The human body as a landscape. The skin as an impressive, multi-layered canvas that stores memories, places and experiences. 

My body, defined by touch - is this territory really my body? My skin - conductor of my sensations. Witness to my maturation. Can I shed my old skin like a snake and redefine myself?

The artistic works of the German-Argentinean choreographer duo Wanka/Loffredo are characterized by a curious, open and unbiased view of reality. Always questioning the essence of things - beyond form or style, culture or society.

Olga Wiedenhöft, a painter with Russian roots from Munich, skilfully accompanies the dancers on their expedition through the physical worlds.

- This piece has a stage version and an exhibition space version - 

Idea I Concept I Choreography 

Rosalie Wanka & Cecilia Loffredo 



Cecilia Loffredo I Irina Wanka I Rosalie Wanka I Kathrin Knöpfle

Stage setting I Paintings

Olga Wiedenhöft


Tom Gonsior - Richard & Maria Kirchner

Supported by

Ministry of culture of the City of Munich

Ballettstudio Sinzinger

Einstein Kultur - Kameraverleih Ludwig

Premiere 2016 at Einstein Kultur Munich / DE

Tanztage Labor 2017 Posthof Linz / AT

Lichthof der LMU 2019 München / DE

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