Out of the pathological desire to fuse with the other emerges a bug. Without the ability of touching nor being touched. Beings that devour each other in order to get a hold of the other. In the process of digestion, they asume traits of the other and become one. United in their narcicism, inevitably alone. A skin under another skin, that makes them impermeable, impenetrable, immovable an autoreferencial. Skin-blind. They cover the lack of sensations with codified images. They dance on a battlefield, waiting for the invisible enemy.

Idea - Concept

Choreography - Interpretation

Cecilia Loffredo & Rosalie Wanka



Suite Choréografique - Lucio Bruno Videla



S. Freud, J. Lacan, F. G. Lorca


Supported by: Stadt Linz - Land OberÖsterreich


Partners: Redsapata Tanzfabrik - Guests of Tanztendenz München

© 2016 by Rosalia

Photo © Manuela Hartel

Graphic © Paola Evelina

"...and those who where seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music..."

F. Nietzsche