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Roosje's Bolero

The Jewish Dutch dancer and teacher Roosje Glaser survived six concentration camps thanks to her quick-wittedness, courage and chutzpah.

Among other things, she taught SS officers in Auschwitz social dances and etiquette and also sought lovers among them.

After her liberation, she danced Ravel's Boléro in front of her fellow refugees in the Malmö reception camp, which she called in her own words 'my liberation dance', as it was the moment when she truly realized she was saved and free.

The incredible biography of this courageous woman is the inspiration for this solo. The dramaturgical threads and my choreographical approach are based on her biography as well as on her strong spirit. 





Choreography, stage set, lights, projections, performance


Bolero by Maurice Ravel

Created in the Frame of the HIER = JETZT Festival 2024

Premiered at Theater Schwere Reiter in Munich on April 14th 2024

Photography by Mehmet Vanli

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