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MATRIMONIA spans from tango to contemporary dance and physical theater. With the support of dance and video projection, Oussaifi and Wanka take us into a contemporary feminist universe.

The show opens with the words of a tango projected on the wall, then translated into Arabic and recited in voice-over. This is not just any tango. It's not a tango about romantic love, nor is it a nostalgic tango about one's hometown or the past, to take up the most common themes of the genre.

This tango is called "un crimen" - a crime - and poetically narrates the confession of a feminicide and its absolution as a crime of honor.


F.O. and R.W. have chosen this Tango to question the patriarchal principle and the legitimacy of the notion of Heritage/Patrimoine through tango.

Idea I Concept I Choreography I Interpretation

Fatma Oussaifi & Rosalie Wanka



Fatma Oussaifi


Costumes I Light design

Fatma Oussaifi & Rosalie Wanka


Lay out I graphic design projections

Fatma Oussaifi


Sound composition

Fred Metayer


Sound track

Rosalie Wanka & Fred Metayer


Voice Confession Feminicide (interpretation of the tango text in arabic)

Mohamed Houcine Grayaa



- Tango 'Un crimen': Luis Rubistein (composer, author), Raúl Beron (singer) and the Miguel Caló. Orchestra

- 'Send in the drums' – James Asher

- Tango 'Como dos extranos': Pedro Laurenz (composer), José Maria Contursi (author), Fatma Oussaifi (singer).



Fatma Oussaifi, Rosalie Wanka, Irina Wanka, Azza Filali, Azza Baaziz, Sidonie Gaucher

Supported by

Association Al Badil, Centre des Arts Vivants de Radès, Goethe Institut Tunis, Austrian Embassy in Tunis, Studio Bendixen.

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